“Chat.GPT’s The Magic Secret Ingredient” and What I took from Summit Traffic & Conversion 2024.

As you know, Jason and I attended the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2024

Traffic conversion summit

What did we learn from the summit that I will utilize with our clients? To be honest, it isn’t a lot.

This could be because much of what was presented on the top stage as new was already familiar to me. Perhaps some speakers were “greedy” with the information and technologies they used. They showed only a portion of their knowledge, and the primary purpose was not to teach summit attendees about effective technology, but rather to promote themselves and seek new large clients. So let’s be clear on this.

However, I took several items, which we will absolutely use at Crown agency!

So, these are the top three takeaways:

  • Brand Awareness’s Impact on PPC Campaigns: Contacts with the brand on other platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, have a significant impact on Google Ads results. Simply put, even in difficult-to-brand areas like “Personal Injury Lawyers” even in such a complex niche, frequent interactions with the brand and retargeting efforts gradually influence (for the better) the PPC campaign on Google. If it has influence in such a complicated niche, it will have an impact on anyone!
  • The Algorithm Is First: Unfortunately, not only TikTok, but all social networks, don’t care if this or that user is subscribed to your account. The algorithm determines which feed to present to these users. Chasing social media followers is no longer a viable strategy. What makes sense right now? The only direct interaction with your subscribers that is not mediated by an algorithm. Email marketing! We will absolutely pursue this route further.
  • Yes, AI Can: Those two letters “AI” occurred quite frequently in the titles of reports, so often that it looked that those who did not enter them into the titles of their reports either came out of a long coma, or they knew something really essential 😉 But what did I learn that was fresh to me and Crown Agency?

At this stage, AI demands a significant amount of effort in terms of setup, task creation, and so on. So far, Chat.GPT has only replaced sad copywriters who had been repeating themselves a million times. However, in the near future, businesses will emerge that will automatically call potential clients with your voice! They will use your actual intonations and of course connect with a flawlessly organized calendar invite.

This is only one of many upcoming releases.

What other changes will I make to our agency’s operations? Data analysis with AI. Of course, it will perform the task better and faster than a human.

Finally, here is the magical secret ingredient:

You can use AI to undertake reverse engineering by giving it an amazing marketing text written by an awesome copywriter and instructing it to write the prompt required to generate it. Then you change the generated prompt to meet your needs and place it in a Chat task. To compose a nice copy for an advertisement, newsletter, or LinkedIn post, begin the prompt with the words “pretend to be a professional (financier, architect, florist, etc.)” and voila! You got an excellent written text from an expert!

See you,